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Swimming pool problem overview

Swimming pools are open water systems and are constantly influenced by the environment as well as by the swimmers using the pool.

Rain, wind and sunshine all have an influence on the purity and clarity of the water. Of course, so do the swimmers, introducing foreign particles such as sweat, urine, lotions and oils into the swimming pool water.

In maintaining a clean, healthy swimming pool we need some form of sanitising to keep the pool water clean and clear, and prevent illness for those who swim. This is usually achieved by the use of chlorine, which has also been shown to be carcinogenic. Alternative sanitisers, such as the Pool Wizard, greatly reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemicals a swimming pool requires.

The balance and quantity of chemicals we put into our pools is therefore extremely important from a health point of view - on the one hand we have bacteria, viruses and fungus which can potentialy cause illness, and on the other hand, the swimming pool chemicals we add cause us physical harm. Unfortunately we can only see the relatively harmless black algae and green algae present in the pool water, the really harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi remaining invisible to the naked eye. The presence of pool algae also promotes bacteria growth, thus creating a real health risk.

Through regular swimming pool maintenance, we can ensure healthy and enjoyable times at the poolside. Without it, we can be certain of distress and illness.

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