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Swimming bugs

Poorly sanitised swimming pools can result in illnesses to the swimmers. When a swimmer carries a bug into the water and there is inadequate disinfection, others who swim are prone to pick up the bug which has been allowed to multiply in the pool.

Despite having the recommended levels of chlorine, some bugs are able to survive for days, posing a health risk to those using the swimming facilities. For example, "crypto" can survive for up to 4 days despite chlorine levels of 2.0ppm, creating a serious risk from this bug.

E. Coli and Pseudomonas are two further bugs found in pool water and which can survive for long periods even with sanitiser levels of 2ppm. Eye and ear infections are common, as are stomach upsets and fungus infections. The Pool Wizard can effectively destroy these pathogens in the presence of even very low levels of chlorine.

Don't risk your health or the health of the swimmers using your pool; make sure that any bug that enters the swimming environmnt is destroyed promptly, or everyone may be affected.

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Monday, October 06, 2003]

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