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Swimming pools

Pool maintenance, swimming pool problems, pool water problems and swimming pool help.

Swimming pool horror story

And you thought you had problems!

With the festive season just around the corner, I began thinking about an old high school friend. The summer holidays in the southern hemisphere are in December and January - the swimming season.

My friend went to a New Year's party and in the spirit of things he got quite drunk. He decided to take a swim - I suppose he felt hot. He stripped off and dived into the pool. Unfortunately the swimming pool was empty and he cracked his skull. Since then he has been in a wheelchair.

During the festive season, please be extremely careful around swimming pools. Pools are fun places to be, but a swimming pool accident can result in disaster.

On that sad note, I would like to express my best wishes to all over the holiday period. And please remember that alcohol and swimming pools do not go well together.
      -  Larry Katz  [Wednesday, December 24, 2003]

Pool water problems

Swimming pool water problems are always a result of one of the pool water values being out of balance. Regular water testing should include tests for total alkalinity, pH and your sanitiser (most commonly chlorine).

Other swimming pool water tests which should be carried out periodically are calcium hardness, stabiliser (cyanuric acid) and total dissolved solids.

If any of the pool water test results are not within the recommended parameters, adjust the level without delay to avoid serious pool water problems and visible swimming pool problems.

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Sunday, December 21, 2003]

Problem of the week: pool water balance

Swimming pool water balance depends on a few main factors. They are: water temperature, pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity. Each of these factors can result in the water going out of balance.

Imbalanced swimming pool water usually results in scaling or the pool water becoming corrosive. Other results include the start of pool algae problems, pool staining and similar pool water problems.

The combination of the above factors should be considered when trying to ascertain the state of the swimming pool water. For example, a high total alkalinity can be offset by a low pH level, resulting in completely balanced swimming pool water.

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Thursday, December 18, 2003]

Pool problem of the week: Algae problems
Pool algae problems. The most common algae problem is "algae bloom". This means a rapid growth of algae in the swimming pool. Algae can be in the form of green algae, black algae, mustard algae or"pink algae".

"Pink algae" is not an algae, but is in fact a bacteria so will not respond to classical algicides. Chlorine treatments are generally effective against this bacteria.

Green algae problems are perhaps the most widespread and are relatively easy to treat. Mustard algae and black algae problems are somewhat more resistant to algicides and chlorine shock treatments.

Black algae in particular is very resilient and requires ongoing attention. This is due to the black algae creating a "shield" of dead cells on the surface of the algae clump. This "shield" protects the algae beneath it, making it extremely difficult to kill. Brushing with a stiff brush after each chemical treatment removes the upper dead layer of algae, making it possible for the chemicals to destroy the living cells of black algae underneath.

The Pool Wizard, a patented mineral system, effectively kills all algae including the resistant black algae colonies. It will also prevent new algae growth for up to 9 months when used in addition with small amounts of chlorine. For more information on the Pool Wizard mineral disinfection system, click through to the relevant pages.

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Tuesday, December 16, 2003]

 Pool Wizard Mineral Sanitizer

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