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Swimming pools

Pool maintenance, swimming pool problems, pool water problems and swimming pool help.

Pool Forums

The Swimming Pool Forums have grown so big that they are scheduled for a move to a new domain on its own server.

Check back frequently for news or register at the Pool Forum to get email updates of the changeover.
      -  Larry Katz  [Thursday, October 09, 2009]

Swimming Pool Help Blog

This pool help blog is being continued at its new address - pool-help.com

Please update any links to reflect the new Swimming Pool Blog.
      -  Larry Katz  [Friday, February 15, 2009]

Pool Forum

The Pool Forum is one year old and is getting more popular each day. Why not visit and see for yourself?

The Pool Forum requires no registration so you and your personal information remain safe.
      -  Larry Katz  [Wednesday, February 08, 2009]

Spring - pool opening

With spring around the corner it's time to start thinking about opening your pool. Early planning and preparation mean that you will avoid problems such as algae bloom as the weather gets warmer.
      -  Larry Katz  [Tuesday, March 08, 2005]

Swimming Pool Help Forums

Our swimming pool forums are now up and running. Please visit and participate to make the forums a destination for pool owners and pool maintainers alike.

See you there => Swimming Pool Help Forum

      -  Larry Katz  [Tuesday, January 25, 2005]

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