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Balancing pool water chemistry

According to the results of the pool water tests, we may need to add chemicals to bring the pool water back into the ideal balance for swimmer safety and visual clarity.

We are required to regularly adjust the pH and chlorine levels as these tend to fluctuate according to the weather conditions and swimming pool use.

It is extremely important to adjust the pH before adding the chlorine. When the pH is 8.0 the chlorine is only 20% effective and at a pH of 8.5 the chlorine is only 8% effective. Chlorine becomes overactive when the pH is lower than 7.0 .

Despite a balanced pool water system, the swimming pool can sometimes become cloudy and lose its sparkle. This is usually a result of minute suspended particles of dirt in the water that are too small to be trapped in the filter. These particles can usually be cleared using a flocculant/ coagulant, which clumps them together, allowing them to be removed from the pool. One of the effects of the Pool Wizard ia a coagulant action, making the use of flocculants or coagulants redundant when a Pool Wizard is installed.

 Pool Wizard