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Flocculants, flocculation and coagulants.

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Flocculation in swimming pool water

One of the problems with our easily maintained sand filters is that they are unable to trap dirt or foreign matter below 0.02 mm (20 microns). Cloudy water is probably a result of these minute particles of matter if the total alkalinity, pH, calcium hardness and TDS are all within the recommended limits.

Flocculation (or coagulation) is the process of adding chemicals which bind or stick these tiny particles together, resulting in larger clumps which settle to the bottom of the pool and leave the water clear. These "clumps" can be easily removed by vacuuming the floor of the pool.

Chlorination or chlorine shock treatment may also clear the water, but this is both expensive and upsets the water balance.

Flocculant is relatively inexpensive and can be used frequently in pools that are exposed to high levels of pollutants (both environmental and swimmer waste). Follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, as there is a wide variety of "floc agents" available, each of which has different directions.

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