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Pool Wizard Advantages

The major advantages of the Pool Wizard are:

  • Reduced chlorine use. The amount of chlorine added to the pool can be reduced by up to 75%. The copper and silver are disinfectants that would be very effective even without the use of chlorine.
  • Superior water sanitisation compared to any single method alone. The combination of copper, silver and low concentrations (0.5ppm) of chlorine provide a "superadditive" effect; i.e. their combined effectiveness is far greater than the sum of the effectiveness of each measured alone.
  • Reduced water testing and pool maintenance. With the Pool Wizard installed, the water becomes more stable and less adjustments are necessary. Lower chlorine use means a more stable pH, as does the cessation of algaecide and flocculant use.
  • Ensures a healthier environment. The pool remains free from bacteria, viruses and algae. The use of chlorine is reduced, and so are its harmful by-products (chloramines, chlorinated hydrocarbons). The use of pool chemicals that are harmful to the environment are reduced (chlorine, acids, alkalis) or made redundant (algaecides, flocculant/ coagulant).
  • Maintains health. As mentioned above, the harmful by-products of chlorine are reduced. The risk of contagious illnesses (such as diarrhea) is far lower than that of pools using chlorine alone. The water also becomes softer; no more burning eyes and throat.
  • Economical. By calculating the money you save on pool chemicals, you will see that you can actually save money by installing a Pool Wizard.
  • Reduced stress. Never again will you find that your pool has turned green overnight. You, your family and friends can swim with peace of mind, knowing that the pool is safe and free from infectious diseases. And no more running to the local pool shop for those "quick fixes" and bottles of algaecide.

 Pool Wizard