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Pool Wizard References

Here are some satisfied Pool Wizard users:

"We have been using Pool Wizard for the past four years to our full satisfaction. The pool is always clear, algae free and bacteria free. Our pool is heavily utilised and our students do not get ear, nose and throat infections. Our properly balanced pool is also kind to our students' eyes, hair and skin."
(Mr David Weiser, Yeshiva College, 07/ 08/ 2000)

"For the past 5 years, the Pool Wizard system has cut down our chlorine consumption while at the same time keeping our pool sparkling clean with no bacteria and no algae growth.
The water is always soft and is also very kind to the children's eyes and skin, never causing allergies or reactions."
(Mrs G. Horwitz, Principal, King David Primary School, Sandton, 08/ 08/ 2000)

"I started using the Pool Wizard in 1992. By using this sytem, chlorine usage and other chemicals was reduced by 70%. The water remained crystal clear after thunderstorms and crowds using the pool. No trace of bacteria was found in the water after regular testing.
Pool Wizard changed the struggle to maintain the pool to a pleasurable task.
After more than 10 years, Pool Wizard has made maintenance a pleasure. Every pool owner or maintenance officer needs a Pool Wizard."
(W. J. Nieman, Chief Horticulturist, Johannesburg Hospital, 21/ 02/ 2002)

"The pool at Eskom Conference and Exhibition Centre was analysed and the results were that the pool was found to be full of bacteria and algae. We installed a Pool Wizard. The results were remarkable and we were highly satisfied. The chlorine saving is considerable and the pool is looking tremendous, and there are no traces of algae or bacteria."
(T. C. Kotze, Superintendent, Eskom Properties)

"The Pool Wizard was tested in a 50,000 litre swimming pool. The water was allowed to turn green with algae and inoculated with bacteria prior to the test. The inoculum consisted of the following bacteria:
a) Pseudomonas aeruginosa;
b) Escherichia coli; and
c) Staphylococcus aureus.
The tests showed over 100,000 bacteria/ml of water and prolific algae growth at a chlorine concentration of 0.4ppm prior to installation.
After 2 days there was no bacteria found in the pool and after 9 days there was no visible algae remaining in the pool at a chlorine concentration of 0.4ppm."
(R. A. Roos, Microbiology and Mycology Division, South African Bureau of Standards, 22/ 10/ 1990)



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