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Pool maintenance, swimming pool problems, pool water problems and swimming pool help.

Summer's finally drawing to a close. I've had a really busy time and haven't been able to swim much. I've probably visited over 600 swimming pools, though. I've seen and dealt with countless pool problems, algae blooms, over-stabilised pools and total alkalinity problems.

So I suppose it hasn't been in vain. Others have enjoyed a healthy and relaxed swimming season as a result of my efforts. But now it's time for a break.

Two glorious weeks at the coast - sun, sea and lots of sleep! School holidays have ended so that means real peace of mind, the resorts being empty and the screaming, nagging little ones facing the wrath of the teacher as the school year tries to get underway. The Turkish coast is a holiday paradise that offers everything any holidaymaker could possibly want.

I haven't been totally honest. Part of the two weeks is going to be spent at a trade fair, also at the coast. So there's a bit of work involved but I really enjoy these Pool and Spa trade fairs - you get to see all the fun, new pool stuff and you have the chance to catch up with out-of-town colleagues.

So while this blog is still in its infancy, it has become necessary to take a break for a while. I will be back with more rants, more focused writing and hopefully some fun things during the month of October. That's when we'll all be working like mad to close all those pools before the winter sets in. So until then . . .

      -  Larry Katz  [Wednesday, September 10, 2003]

We're well into September, and that means we are approaching the end of the swimming season in the Northern Hemisphere. That means many pools have begun to turn green, and many others have signs of serious algae growth. That's fine if you let your pool go in the winter.

How about the pool that you look at each morning when you wake up? It is time to tackle the algae problem before it gets too strong a hold in the pool. That leads to all sorts of problems such as staining and cloudy pool water.

Please don't wait until it's too late.
      -  Larry Katz  [Monday, September 08, 2003]

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