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Pool maintenance, swimming pool problems, pool water problems and swimming pool help.

Green algae - pool problems

Green algae is perhaps the most common type of algae occuring in swimming pools.

Thankfully it is also relatively easy to treat.Assuming the pool's pH, TA and other facors are in balance, superchlorination or shock treatment along with frequent brushing, vacuuming and backwashing should get rid of the algae.

! Remember to use a non-stabilised (or conditioner-free) chlorine for any large chlorine additions to avoid problems of overstabilisation.

There are many commercial algaecides (algicides) or "algae-killers" available. Most will hasten the destruction of the established algae, and algaestats may help prevent further regrowth.

Mineral systems such as the Pool Wizard not only kill all algae but also prevent any future growth. If you have an ongoing algae problem in your pool, why not look into getting a Pool Wizard for peace of mind?

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Monday, February 23, 2004]

Algae problems in swimming pools

Swimming pool algae, while in itself harmless, is unsightly and can lead to a host of illnesses in the pool.

Green pool water is not appealing and detracts from the joy of your swimming pool. There are thousands of types of algae, many of which are useful to us, and very few which can harm us directly.

Algae in swimming pool water provides an ideal substrate for the growth and reproduction of bacteria, which feed off the oxygen and sugars produced during photosynthesis by the algae in the pool water.

Pool algae also creates a huge chlorine demand, depleting the supply of free chlorine in the swimming pool and increasing the likelihood of harmful pollutants remaining in the pool.

It is far easier and more economical to prevent algae growth than it is to destroy established algae in the water. Regular pool water testing and chlorination (or the use of other sanitisers) can prevent pool algae. Algaecides or algaestats can destroy or prevent the growth of most types of pool algae. Mineral sanitisers such as the Pool Wizard can prevent algae with minimal maintenance even when the swimming pool water contains little chlorine (or no chlorine for periods up to a few days).

Happy swimming.
      -  Larry Katz  [Thursday, February 05, 2004]

 Pool Wizard Mineral Sanitizer

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